SANS Pen Test Poster: Pivots Payloads Boardgame


Looks like you found this page before we had a chance to finish it. But…here is the PDF download for the new Pivots & Payloads poster/board game!

We are still working on this page, so, if you come back once we are finished, you’ll find a lot more useful things to help you in your career…and to play the game. Expected completion date of 11/15/18.

Register now for the December 19th, SANS Webcast about the NEW poster, to receive (3) printed copies of the poster/board game when it becomes available in December 2018.

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Upcoming SANS Special Event – 2018 Holiday Hack Challenge


SANS Holiday Hack Challenge – KringleCon 2018

  • Free SANS Online Capture-the-Flag Challenge
  • Our annual gift to the entire Information Security Industry
  • Designed for novice to advanced InfoSec professionals
  • Fun for the whole family!!
  • Build and hone your skills in a fun and festive roleplaying like video game, by the makers of SANS NetWars
  • Learn more:
  • Play previous versions from free 24/7/365:

Player Feedback!

  • “On to level 4 of the #holidayhackchallenge. Thanks again @edskoudis / @SANSPenTest team.” – @mikehodges
  • “#SANSHolidayHack Confession – I have never used python or scapy before. I got started with both today because of this game! Yay!” – @tww2b
  • “Happiness is watching my 12 yo meet @edskoudis at the end of #SANSHolidayHack quest. Now the gnomes #ProudHackerPapa” – @dnlongen

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