SANS Penetration Testing: Command Line Kung-Fu – Desktop Wallpapers


SANS Pen Test: Command Line Kung-Fu

Desktop Wallpapers

So… we made our new SANS Pen Test Poster: “White Board of Awesome Command Line Kung-Fu” and posted it on Twitter for some initial feedback and  someone asked us if we could turn it into a desktop wallpaper and we thought, “that’s a really cool idea!”

But, we created it and everything on it was too small and although it looked cool, it wasn’t functional. So, then we thought, what if we broke it up into individual pieces. “Eureka!” we exclaimed as we contacted our graphic designer with a new request.

Now… “BEHOLD!”

Introducing the first of many SANS Pen Test Curriculum Desktop Wallpapers!

(Click on the image for the full-sized version)



Comment below if you have ideas for future SANS Penetration Testing Curriculum – Desktop Wallpapers we should make.



Pen Test Cheat Sheets:

SANS Pen Test Training:

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Player Feedback!

  • “On to level 4 of the #holidayhackchallenge. Thanks again @edskoudis / @SANSPenTest team.” – @mikehodges
  • “#SANSHolidayHack Confession – I have never used python or scapy before. I got started with both today because of this game! Yay!” – @tww2b
  • “Happiness is watching my 12 yo meet @edskoudis at the end of #SANSHolidayHack quest. Now the gnomes #ProudHackerPapa” – @dnlongen

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