Apple’s Combined Patching

[Editor’s Note: Still dithering on whether you should upgrade your iOS devices to version 6?  Worried about sucky maps and other annoyances in the version that some people derisively refer to as “Apple’s Vista”?  Well, Josh Wright has some really good insight on the Apple patching and upgrade process.  You’ve gotta read it.  It has some solid practical advice for people not sure about whether to upgrade or skip this version and wait for something better.  –Ed.]

By Josh Wright

With the release of Apple iOS 6, Apple announced the resolution of 197 security flaws  on the Apple Product Security mailing list. Reading through the vulnerabilities is entertaining with flaws ranging from “Passwords may autocomplete even when the site specifies that autocomplete should be disabled” to “A person with physical access to the device may be able to bypass the screen lock” and many more. Continue reading Apple’s Combined Patching